At the Hinski-Tomlinson Funeral Home we offer the option of prearranging your funeral. Whether you choose a funeral with burial, entombment or cremation, we can service the needs you or loved one’s desire. Sometimes these arrangements are for peace of mind or to help family with decisions at the time of need.

We offer the option of funding your arrangements through the New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund also known as Choices. This plan is administered by the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association and complies with all applicable preneed laws in New Jersey. We have copies of the brochures explaining the trust fund.

If you are making arrangements for Medicaid eligibility this fund will be set up as an irrevocable trust. This means the funds can only be used for the funeral expenses. We at the Funeral Home will provide all the needed documentation your social worker advisor will require.

When making funeral arrangements for peace of mind we open the account as a revocable trust.

Copies of brochures are available for you to read on our webpage about Choices Program.

We are available to answer any questions by calling us at 856 429-5060 or sending and email to You can also stop anytime at the Funeral Home.

Over the years many families have commented that having the arrangements made ahead of time has made the transition easier. Critical decisions were made without the pressures one faces on an at need  basis.